Welcome to Origin Health



We are excited to announce the addition of our second location in Maple Ridge. Westgate Wellness has already been serving the Maple Ridge community with health services for over the past 20 years. To reflect our values and the needs of clients, Westgate Wellness will be transitioning to Origin Health@Westgate. We are excited to have this opportunity to expand our vision and our reach to another community. Stay tuned for exciting changes to come!


Origin Health provides the ultimate health experience with an “outside-the-box” approach to your health. We offer a unique blend of Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Registered Massage Therapy and Osteopathic Manual Therapy services, all in one calm, warm, welcoming environment.
Our collaborative approach allows for a team of highly skilled professionals to work together to most efficiently aid in restoring your health, and perhaps help you discover a new health perspective along the way.


At Origin Health, we believe in the wellness lifestyle – a proactive, preventative approach to health that is about restoring your health beyond the relief of pain (although we recognize that is very important)!

After helping you get free of your pain and back to your normal function, the wellness lifestyle teaches the principles of the human body that lead to life-long health and wellbeing!


You will be educated about your condition, your body, your healing and even learn tips and tools to help you and your entire family get healthier. You can expect a concise game plan that outlines your treatment, and clear expectations for the speed of recovery.

It is our sincere pledge that we will always go above and beyond to earn your confidence and help you maximize your true health potential.

  • Extraordinary Customer Service
  • Highly skilled professionals offering one to one care
  • Timely appointments in private state of the art treatment facilities
  • Warm, courteous and efficient staff for hassle free scheduling and processing


Taj , Sal and the entire team at Origin have changed my life. For years I lived with chronic back pain, I would be bed ridden for at least a week a year. Since Taj’s first assessment I have been on the road to a much stronger, healthier balance in my life. Many Doctors and Chiropractors recommended surgery to deal with my issues … Taj changed all of that. His strategic, less invasive approach with me taught me a longer term solution to a healthier life. Today I am stronger than I’ve been in years, regular once a month sessions, combined with a regular workout regime have me in better shape than ever! The staff at Origin are professional, caring and above all smart! I would recommend Origin to anyone who wants to improve their life!

Summer 2011, I had major shoulder surgery after a shoulder dislocation while playing hockey. Dr. Taj and Salveen did an awesome job helping me recover and reach proper strength and range with my shoulder. Playing high level hockey I need to be 100% with my body to compete at a high level. Origin Health has been instrumental in helping me maintain proper health and correcting any problems I encounter when I play. Not only was my shoulder able to reach regular strength and range with the help of Origin Health, I was able to get an even stronger and mobile shoulder. Whenever I come back home from the hockey season I always try to book a session to get a check-up. When anyone in my family has any problems we always see Origin Health to be treated.

My baby of 3 months was struggling with gas issues and his head was a bit uneven. I started seeing Dr. Taj in April 2012 and he helped recognize some areas in Caleb’s back and neck that were tight ( a lot which had to do with digestion). Once we started coming to Origin Health, my son started getting better and his head was more even. My son is relaxed when both Dr. Taj and Salveen work on him. Chiropractic and physiotherapy has made a significant impact on my baby’s health when medical doctors couldn’t do anything. We attend them both once a month and my son is totally healed. Thank you!

I brought my 3 year old daughter to Origin Health because of chronic constipation. We had tried many things to regulate her but with no success. Since seeing Dr. Taj, my daughter has become like every other little kid. He has changed her life, as she is no longer in pain and is able to process foods normally. It was such a struggle with different meds as they tasted horrible or had to be administered rectally. She is a happy little girl now and gets excited to go to her chiropractic appointments. Both the doctor and the staff are amazing, treating us like family. It’s always a very fun experience for my kids, and the extra time they take with me for explanations is so appreciated!